Boat Building

At Mirfield Boat Company, we take great pride in our work, the majority of us are avid boaters, joined only by the most skilled and trusted marine craftsmen.

Our wealth of experience goes into everything we build, every inch of every design is thought through in great detail to ensure optimum space, safety, comfort, performance and reliability. On board our boats you'll find that everything fits into place beautifully not only to maximise space but to emphasise the aesthetics of the boats interior.

Restoration & Maintainance

As great lovers of boating and our countries’ waterways we take great pleasure in restoring all vessels and provide services that may cater for any restoration project.

Such services include; full project management, execution and control of all necessary restoration tasks as well as services which provide a sheltered space for you to work on your own boat if this is preferable.

We also offer maintenance services such as hull blacking, sand blasting and ballast alterations.

Carpentry & Signwriting

We have skilled carpenters who specialize in marine furniture on hand to build anything from galley cupboards to seating. Whether you require a whole boat fit out or just a single piece of furniture, Mirfield Boat Company can cater to your needs.

Our well weathering and long lasting sign writing techniques are durable, adaptable and tailor-made to each customers needs. We also offer our painting skills to the entire exterior of a boat for colour changes or colour maintenance there isn't much we can't do with the exterior aesthetics of a boat and all work is completed to the highest standard.

Custom Wheelhouses

Mirfield Boat Companies’ exterior modification services include wheelhouse building. Our patented wheelhouse design was developed and engineered not only to visually improve the appearance of boats but also to enhance the boat practically.

Our wheelhouses suit boats with either tiller or wheel steering. They're easily collapsible too so you won’t experience bridge or tunnel restrictions when you’re all weather cruising.