The Rochdale Restoration

The Rochdale once belonged to the late Arnold Ziff, a greatly successful and respected businessman and philanthropist. The Ziff family approached Mirfield Boat Company in 2008 with this restoration project: much to their discontent, the weather had taken it’s toll on the mainly wooden construction of of the late Arnold Ziff’s boat since his passing in 2004. The Ziff family wanted us to restore the boat to its former glory in memory of Arnold. We were of course honored to undertake such an inspiring and interesting project.


The Project

So, what was the task in hand? Well, this 40 year old boat was constructed mostly from wood which had begun to rot away over time, the interior is in the process of being fully re-developed and modernised whilst maintaining its original character and charm. Originally the plan was to develop the boat into a vessel for corporate entertaining but after a lot of careful consideration and discussions with the Ziff family it was decided to simply restore it to its former glory, in memory of Arnold Ziff. The boat will be kept at one of their water side developments.