At Mirfield Boat Company, we take great pride in our work, the majority of us are avid boaters, joined only by the most skilled and trusted marine craftsmen. Our wealth of experience goes into everything we build, every inch of every design is thought through in great detail to ensure optimum space, safety, comfort, performance and reliability. On board our boats you’ll find that everything fits into place beautifully not only to maximise space but to emphasise the aesthetics of the boats interior. Because we build almost everything ourselves we have great knowledge and understanding of everything we build and every aspect of the design is adaptable to each customer’s preferences and needs.

Our standard boats are fitted out in a “reverse” fit style, this means that rather than having the bedrooms situated toward the aft as tradition dictates, the bedrooms sit to the fore. We feel that this makes entertaining much easier, there is no long passageway past the bedrooms between the entrance and the living area, making the best possible use of available space and improving accessibility, especially to the kitchen while cruising for those all important refreshments.

Mirfield Standard Broad Beam

Our standard design for broad beam boats has been specially developed to be adaptable, durable and livable. The idea of this design is to maximise the boating potential. The hull and large engine on our broad beams are designed to cope with tidal waters as well as our inland rivers and estuaries, even (with a little modification) The English Channel, perfect for anyone wanting to travel to France by water. Our broad beams however can navigate the majority of our inland waterway system in great comfort.

Mirfield Standard Narrow Beam

Our narrow beam design is built with tradition in mind, not leaving behind our modern expertise where appropriate of course! Our narrow beam boats are capable of navigating the entire UK canal system including most of the UK’s tidal rivers and estuaries. This means freedom and comfort to move wherever you want to go. As with all our boats, our narrow beams can be fitted with all the mod-cons in a clever space saving fashion.

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